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Episode 6 – Sharilyn Johnson

9 May

Sharilyn Johnson joins us to discuss Colbert, Kurt Browning, The Cutting Edge and Moxy Fruvous.

Episode 6 Sharilyn Johnson

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Sharilyn Johnson is the proprietor of popular comedy resource Third Beat Magazine. She’s also got a wicked one-woman show called Fake News Fangirl, which you can see at the 2012 Toronto Fringe.

We kick this episode off with a brief segment of Comedy Bar News and chat a bit about Andy Kindler and Louis CK.

Sharilyn teaches us about the art of the “Colbert Character Break”.

She also explains the appeal of the intersection of ice skating and clown, via one Kurt Browning. If you’re in Toronto, be sure to check out Lunacy Cabaret for a sweet dose of (non-scary) clown performance and general whimsy.

Natalie is obsessed with Sarah Hughes. Catherine’s parents know each other (their dads played hockey together at Cornell).

Natalie also loves The Cutting Edge, though she’s admittedly fuzzy on the details.

Sharilyn teaches us a bit about being a die-hard Moxy Früvous fan in her youth. Be sure to listen to the very end to hear the song that Moxy penned just for her! She also shares this magical meetup photo from the 1997 Philadelphia Folk Festival (Shar is middle of the back row):

Many thanks to Sharilyn for this fun episode, and as always thanks to Bron Halpin for fixing our audio. Please send your feedback on this episode to our Twitter or Facebook.

Help Wanted: Audio Intern

2 Apr

Pop Comedy Podcast is looking for an audio engineer intern. We need someone familiar with/studying audio engineering/radio/music production to help us edit our podcasts and if interested, create musical and vocal bumpers for various segments. Work will vary from 2-5 hours per week depending on our schedule.

Position will be paid and/or for course credit (negotiable), please repost/share with anyone you think might be interested! Email with your resume and cover letter!
Edit: We would prefer candidates who are in or around the Greater Toronto Area, although if you think you are able to commit to this while working virtually we are more than happy to consider it.

Welcome to the Pop Comedy Podcast!

6 Mar

Natalie Norman and Catherine McCormick are two rockin’ bitches who obsess without apology. Join us, along with some of our funniest comedian friends, as we journey into the world of pop culture, with a little help from our trusty producer Jesse.


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